Portraits at the Palouse Falls

June 14, 2018


One of my most favorite places in WA state is the Palouse Falls during springtime. I’ve made some of my most dynamic images there. The green grass, sage bushes, cotton candy skies… such a dream.

I decided to take Cat and Spencer there for their portrait session. For this particular photo session, I gave them an inspiration board for outfits and location. I’m excited to start offering this feature with every portrait session so my clients can be assured that the overall aesthetic of their photo gallery will be pleasing to the eye. I also photographed them using my Mamiya 645 (medium format SLR camera) along with my canon 5d mark iii. I love mixing both mediums, there’s just something so special about the look of the film and having to wait patiently for the film scans to arrive in my inbox.

To book your specially designed portrait session where I use both mediums film and digital click here. I can’t wait to work with you!



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