Summer Evening Portraits on Film

July 19, 2018

Editorial, Film, Portrait

This year has been ever-changing for me. Career-wise, new friendships, navigating my faith and what it looks like to be a loving and caring person, where and who I want to be as an artist and photographer… Really big life and career questions are starting to pop up. To kind of process and wade through all of that I’ve been shooting more film. It’s the one thing that has helped me figure out my next steps as a photographer and to dive a little deeper into my craft. I plan on photographing weddings for the rest of my career but hope to add other things to my skillset. I look forward to what this wonderful, hard, crazy world of photography is going to take me and show you what I’m making along the way. Thank you for reading this and enjoy!

Model: Alyse Pugh

All images shot on Kodak Porta 160 at 400 asa. Images with black backgrounds have been pushed two stops.



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